Deivamagal 02-06-16 Deivamagal 02-06-2016


Deivamagal 02-06-16 Deivamagal 02-06-2016


Deivamagal is a Tamil soap opera that airs on Sun TV. It is a prime time serial. The show premiered on 25 March 2013. It was initially aired from Monday to Friday at 8:00PM IST and later extended up to Saturday.


Written Updates:

Episode starts with  Saroja also changed :O she become so sentiment and starts thanking and pasama holds dharani. Declares hereon dharani is not marumagal but daughter. She thangu thangufy dharani lolz. Suresh shock to see mother changed so fast. Ippadi ellaram dm lae change pannina nanga enna lah pannaradhu lolz. Saroja ask them to do grand valakappu – anyone talk bad about sujatha will need to face saroja. Devaraj happy wife changed.

Sanggetha mother just came back after visiting her daughter and happy they have settle. Moorty goes to see vino who is upset and he ask her what happen. Vino starts complaining about this life and that she cannot live here anymore. She cannot live without ac or luxury life. Moorth ask her to try adjust as this is their life from hereon. Vino also complain about the rice which is not good brand – rombha mukkiyam. Moorty ask her to start adjusting to this new life.

Sakash gets blessing for going to work. Raju also gets blessing from parents to go get good job and be good man from hereon. Kumar ask raju where is going to look for job? Raju says he will go see moorty and they will go search job. Satya goes on office car while Prakash comes in bike.

Nambi comes to see karthik. Nambi says he came to talk about gayu and thanks karthik for getting gayu in trap. Nambi leaves and come to know his tire air gone. Karthik takes his car out and offers drive to nambi – Nambi freaks out and says no need nu. Karthik forces him into the car and nambi now scared in the car.

Sakash comes to work – all staffs gather to congrats them. Ega comes and congrats them.


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