Agnisakshi 02-05-2016 | Agnisakshi Episode 630


Agnisakshi 02-05-2016 | Agnisakshi Episode 630 | Agnisakshi 02nd May 2016


About Agnisakshi

Agnisakshi is an Indian Kannada language television show that premiered on Colors Kannada. The show received highest TRPs in the history of Kannada television.

Agnisakshi is related to Lakshmi Baramma (with Chinnu being Siddarth’s initial romantic interest and Chinnu appearing in the first few episodes of the Agnisakshi serial and the entire Lakshmi Baramma cast attending Sannidhi & Siddharth’s wedding), and Ashwini Nakshatra serial(Sannidhi playing JK’s sister).


Agnisakshi revolves around the lives of two families that are tied together by Sannidhi, a kind and gentle person who puts others’ needs ahead of hers and Siddharth, a young easy-going, fun-loving businessman’s marriage. Their marriage was arranged by Siddhartha’s elder sister-in-law, Chandrika, who chose Sannidhi because of her infertility and hence won’t be able to produce an heir to inherit the family fortune. As time progresses the two fall in love, and Siddharth’s younger brother Akhil and Sannidhi’s younger sister Tanu also begin to like each and hope to get married. However, their dreams along with Sannidhi & Siddharth’s marriage will be continuously threatened by Chandrika and her younger sister, Maya, who are all about taking control of Siddharth’s family.


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Agnisakshi 02-05-2016 | Agnisakshi Episode 630